Analysis of the victory of F.C Barcelona in the Madrid Football Cup

Analysis of the victory of F.C Barcelona in the Madrid Football Cup

By Jaime Juanas 

@jaimejuanas (Coach Level 3 UEFA PRO, Operations Director of the Madrid Football Cup) 

That FC Barcelona forms all its players in a very marked idea of ​​play, is something known by all those who participate in the world of football. And proof of this is every sporting event that one of their teams disputes.

Each and every one of the players belonging to the U-16 team that participated in this tournament, demonstrated to know the deepest concepts of the position game of the Blaugrana youth team.

From his defensive line, with the outstanding performance of his dorsal 4 Jana Fernandez, each attack was initiated by looking for the best option not only for the owner of the ball, but for the future recipient of it. It was not enough to give a good start to the team avoiding the rival pressure, but the action should facilitate the progression of the game in following positions. Concepts and communication.

In the center of the field, stiletto of the position game in the sets coming from the farmhouse, Ariadna Mingueza, Alicia Infante, and Alba Caño oscillated at different heights and corridors in order to favor the spaces that Bruna Vilamala demanded to mark differences. The internal game of FC Barcelona was superior to that of all its rivals, and in it they based the control of the match that made them remain firm candidates day after day. The control of the ball was absolutely his, but the control of the transitions and vigilance also, due to the awareness imparted by the technician Francesc Meléndez. All this accompanied by the verticality of Viktoria Adrianova, and the contribution of the substitute players in the second parts, made the Barça come very well to the matches corresponding to the final round.

In them, we could see that the Blaugrana team not only dominated the game with ball and specific defensive situations, but also knew how to suffer when the rival teams found one of the few spaces between the Catalan lines. Competitiveness and know-how with the ball were the bases that led these players to the final of the tournament, where before a combative Madrid CFF, could only be differentiated in the penalty round with a last pitch by goalkeeper Laura Coronado that raised them with the coveted trophy.

So, victory in the first participation of the whole of Barcelona in our female version of the Madrid Football Cup, with a sweet and hopeful flavor in what the future of these girls is concerned.


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